August 25, 2020

Emerald Blaze by Ilona Andrews

Note to the reader: This review contain spoilers about previous books and about Emerald Blaze.

Emerald Blaze is the fifth book of Hidden Legacy series and tells the story of Catalina Baylor and Alessandro Sagredo as the fourth book. It is packed with murders, monsters, amazing prime powers and a long awaited romance and gives the reader what they desire.

As we all remember, in the Wildfire, Baylors were tested by House of Records for their powers. A family to become a House, it needs to have three primes. Each sister of Baylor family had different tests because they have different powers and Catalina's power degree is observed on Alessandro who is a Prime Antistasi. He is introduced as the spoiled, handsome and rich prince of the House Sagredo. They were smitten with each other from first sight but since Catalina's power makes people murderous slaves, she did not seek a relationship with him for his safety.

In the Sapphire Flames, fourth book of Hidden Legacy series, Catalina crosses paths with Alessandro again and they work together but this time it is not easy to ignore the pull they feel for each other. Along the way Catalina is appointed as the Deputy of Texas Warden and she is forced to promise her terrifying Truthseeker grandmother Victoria Tremaine that she will not marry into another house to save Alessandro from enemy.

If they chase a relationship, Catalina will have to join to House Sagredo since Alessandro is a Prime and will be the head of the house one day. So her relationship with Alessandro is doomed from start.

In the end of the fourth book, Catalina Baylor's heart was broken because Alessandro left her for something he has to do and he was not sure that he would return. Catalina was in love with him as he was with her. But life got between them. Catalina was left shouldering responsibilities of House Baylor and being a Deputy. Alessandro went to the thing he needed to do...

The fifth book Emerald Blaze starts with a short chapter of Alessandro. He accepts an assassination job. And then Catalina Baylor makes appearance.

While Catalina, Leon and Cornelius are working on recovering a service animal, they get attacked by a group of monsters and Catalina calls Linus to inform. She releases that he is being attacked too, so it comes to light that Warden and his deputy is the main interest.

Linus orders her to take over Morton case from Augustine. (We don't know how he jumps to conclusion, It would be so nice to have an explanation.) And this is where Alessandro makes an appearance in Catalina's life again, to manage Morton's end on the murder.  He has full authority as Catalina. Along the way we learn that it has been six months since the heart breaking separation. And Catalina suffered. And she blames herself for that heartbreak since she let it happen.

The Morton case is about the murder Felix Morton. Felix and other primes were working together to reclaim Pit. But since Felix is murdered, remaining four Primes become main suspects. Alessandro and Catalina tries to find the killer and solve the problem of pit and attacking monsters. And they still don't have the stolen oasis serums which give power or kills a person when is taken.


After patiently waiting for eleven months and biting my nails for the last one, Emerald Blaze finally has been published. Since I am obsessed with Ilona and Gordon, and have trust in them that they will successfully fulfill my appetite for action, magic and love, wait was more tortuous than you can imagine. It is so hard to find such books these days.

This book is really full of action, politics, love, family and scary monsters. Catalina was trying to find her foot as the head of house and gain respect from other primes. As House Baylor is still an emerging house and has no past other than being Victoria Tremaine's grandchildren, they are in the open. Though Nevada is a Truthseeker like her grandmother and married to Connor, who is prime of House Rogan and is a powerful telekinetic, to be able to protect themselves, they need to be independent. So everything rests on Catalina's shoulders. She deals with investigations, money problems, attacks, family troubles, being a deputy and keeping everybody safe.

As a whole, EB is kind of revealing secrets, thoughts and connecting at a new level book. They all come clean. There are no more secrets to share between Baylors and Alessandro and Catalina. As always, they try to face the enemy together.

One of the reason why I love this world is the Baylor family. Leon, Bert, Nevada, Grandma Frida, Arabella... They are so engaging to read. They tease, argue, help and love. Especially Grandma Frida brings joy to me. Though Leon is the one I am curious about most. He kills like a machine but there is a heart in there. In the previous books, after Leon's power emerged, we have only seen his desire to use his power.

Cornelius shook his head. “Your reliance on violence is quite disturbing. What happens when you meet someone faster than you?”
  My cousin pondered it. “I’ll be dead, and it won’t matter?”

The mystery of murder and pit was engaging and there was a lot of things to think about, but romance part mostly dominated the book. It has been a long time coming. At last, Alessandro and Catalina find where they stand with each other and took a big step toward happy ending. But they have several things to sort out. They connected in a new level and we learn about Alessandro. He reveals his past, his drive, why he does his job.

When I think back, Catalina really excites me. She is a strong woman right now. When we first met her, she was a shy teenager who hided behind books and knowledge. But now she is all grown up, making enemies and wit wars with powerful people in the harsh prime world.

As pointed in the book, Alessandro has changed too. He is more honest and grounded. And he has decided what he really wants. His story was very touching. Like I said, this book is all about revealing secrets.

Also the oasis serum is still a problem and real enemy surfaces. Arkan is a powerful man but we don't know exactly why. He uses other primes to gain what he wants. He is smart and dangerous. It will be more clear in the last book of Catalina Trilogy. How will I wait for a whole year for this mystery to be wrapped, I don't really know. Luckily Ilona and Gordon are productive. And they just don't use current flow, they also tie other loose ends. I did not even know I needed that.

After finishing Emerald Blaze, I wondered if Victoria is really that cruel. I mean she could have said, you need to marry with a person who is compatible with your power. She just said "do not leave your house". She might be preparing her grandchildren to a pitiless world in the end. They don't have money, they don't have allegiances, they don't have the training. And we have seen so much what the houses capable of. So I am really curious about that aspect of the story, what IG stores for her. Though I clearly remember Victoria can be a monster too.

Another thing I started to think is Arabella. What she will face in the future? Right now she is the baby of family, and depicted like a doll. Her big sisters shoulders big problems. I am soooo curious what she will face.

To be honest, this is a hard book to write review. So much going on and there is so much history behind. But one thing I can say that I really loved it. And cannot wait for more. Narration was good, story was good, characters were good, mystery was good. We get what we expect and more. That is why I can suggest you everything Ilona Andrews writes with ease.


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  1. JEALOUS. I LIVE for Ilona Andrews books, and I've been itching to get my hands on this one. I'm happy to see it was just as amazing as the others!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

    1. Same, I was biting my nails from curiosity. ^^ I hope you read it soon. They have a great understanding for UB and what the readers want.