Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Years years ago, when The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins was a newly published book, I was taken over by the excitement created and started to read the book.

Alas, at the time, I found it very boring, It was seem to be told by a narrator who is very obsesive and pathetic. So left it and never looked back until last week.

Topic of The Girl on the Train 

The Girl on the Train tells the story of a woman who is alcoholic, divorced, unemployed and infertine. She hides her unemployment from her close circle and gets on and off from the train every day, at the same time.

Meanwhile she watches her old husband, who is now living happly ever after with his new wife and newborn. But she also watches another couple.

When the woman from the second couple cannot be found and the narrator is seen on the "last seen" area, drunk, eyes turned on her and the story gains speed.

The Girl on the Train Review

For me The Girl on the Train was a very average thriller, I did not know the end, I did not watch the movie beforehand. Her obsessive and pathetic life style left nothing for me to desire. Also, story moved a tiny bit slow.

Moreover, there was logic gaps regarding the disapperance and what happened afterward. Since I don't want to spoil the book for you, I won't reveal them here but just know this, I am not happy about reasons, people and how it affected others.

Of course, The Girl on the Train was not a total waste of time. I liked how three woman was connected throught the work. How when you take one, you find other facets or maybe wishes of other women. How there were so close and so far away. Even thought they did not know each other or know very little. Intermitten, or maybe interlinked would suit here.

So, I did not associated with narrator, I didn't bite the explanations, I like the idea of the book. And that is it. Would I read if I knew I would be feeling this way? Nope.

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