19 December 2020

What to Read in 2021?

What to Read in 2021

For me, making lists and sticking them never go together. So years ago, I left doing them and read whatever I wanted. Also, I strongly believe that books have time. Pushing one to read a book before the interest settles in never results well. 

So this year, I won't make a list, but just note some of the books I want to read. Starting with my favourite authors. (Who I am kidding, I will absolutely read the first two books, but rest? Who knows...) 

27 November 2020

Review: Archangel's Sun by Nalini Singh

So, when I saw that Archangel's Sun is up/down, I jumped right in. Nalini and Ilona are the only ones to make me read their books right away. I don't get bored, I don't wish it to be over. Moreover, I am not anxious to see the end.

Archangel's Sun passes after one month from Archangel's War. And mainly tells about what a disaster Charisemon left behind. What the paranormal world is doing to heal the wounds. We are in Africa and everywhere is full of with undead. Not just with vampires but with the rotting, zombie ones.

22 November 2020

How to Use Goodreads

Goodreads logo with post title

If you are wondering how to use Goodreads efficiently, this post might be for you. I have been using Goodreads for almost 10 years and I have seen how it changed over the years. But if you're a reader and you don't know or did not hear about Goodreads, you are missing a lot.

Goodreads is a website launched in 2006. It lets you connect with fellow readers, and authors. Keep your book piles in order or just organize your books online. 

It is a very handy website. Also, you can interact with other readers from all around the globe. Exchange ideas, make lists, get recommendations and even choose the best books of the year for several genres. 

05 November 2020

Never Gonna Read Part 2

This book was everywhere for several years, I took it to my to-read pile several times and then deleted it again. But now I made peace with that I will never read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I did not even watch the film.

04 November 2020

Review: The Midnight Bargain by C.L. Polk

When I first read the description of The Midnight Bargain, I felt that I need to read this book. I even listed this book here along with other books I would really like to read.

Because it was telling the story of a woman who is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She desperately needs to get married because of her family's financial situation, but she also does not want to lose her magic since women are put to a warding collar to prevent spirits from taking host in their children and wreaking havoc. (They wear a collar like a dog until they experience menopause. They cannot use their powers.)

And Beatrice wants to use her magic, she wants to be a magis (top level of magician) even if  it means being a spinster. So she makes a deal with a spirit named Nadi to take back a grimoire which belonged to her in the first place. Thus, the adventure of finding your identity, laying a claim to your power begins.

26 October 2020

Never Gonna Read Part 1

When I was browsing around, I saw Book Binge's WTF Cover Saturday series and this idea popped into my mind. Unlike Book Binge, I won't dedicate a day to NEVER GONNA READ series (It is a commitment I will gladly refuse.). 

As you can guess, it is about what I won't read, or even think about reading it. Also, I (sometimes) will explain why I made that decision. 

Here it is: The first ever NEVER GONNA READ

19 October 2020

Review: The Life Below by Alexandra Monir

It is always amazing to read some space science fiction. Ordinary people don't bother with the possibilities of outer space, what awaits us when we finally step up to the deep dark. And I am one of them; I know one or two names, sometimes look at what NASA or Elon Musk does, but it is beyond my interest or capabilities to name 8 planets (or 9, they keep changing it) in our solar system.

The Life Below is the second book of The Final Six series and I liked the first one very much, but as always with me, YA romance part got boring quick. Sometimes the descriptions were beyond my understanding. But the robots, bad guys, science, possibility of alien life form was interesting enough. I gave the book 4 stars and never looked back because I truly hate cliffhangers. You can leave questions, possibilities, but a cliffhanger is just mean. 

13 October 2020

Several Books I Want to Forget and Read Again

As a reader, sometimes I wish that I could forget a book and read it again to just taste the same emotions and that book hangover. Even the thought of these books brings a smile to my face. Though I am not sure, my friends would want to see that frenzy Merve again.

So I wanted to share with you those books. You probably read them, but do we miss any chance to talk about our favourite books? Nope, never.

Also, if you have any books to add, please leave a comment, and so I, I mean we, can read them.

10 October 2020

Review: Infinite Detail by Tim Maughan

Note: This review might be spoilish to some readers.

Infinite Detail is a very relatable, horrific (because of 2020) and creative book. It alternates between POWs, timelines and touches a lot of topics.

In a very close future, there is a place  cut from government surveillance and internet. It is in the centre of Bristol and called Croft. A group of cyber idealists or anarchists created this place and Croft became the centre of digital art and freedom. A shelter from constant surveillance... (I later learned that Croft is real, as the building etc. Imagine my shock...)

06 October 2020

Review: The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires by Molly Harper

Apparently, I like Molly Harper. I did not know about it then but APPARENTLY I read two series of her and gave average ratings but I did not know her name. I even caught that The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires was a spin-off, but did not know that I read the main series. My memory fail sometimes knows no boundaries... (After looking like 30 seconds, I remembered everything.)

After reading several heavy or children's books, I felt ready to turn back to my comfort zone: light paranormal romance. I was looking around without aim and on a whim started to The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires. It is, like I said, a spin-off Jane Jameson Series of which APPARENTLY I read the first book in 2012. Don't you love Goodreads? Since I don't like my light paranormal romances long (it just becomes too boring and unbearable for me), I did not follow it through. One book is enough. 

04 October 2020

Review: Driftwood by Marie Brennan

Driftwood is a hard book to review for me because even from its first page, I felt that I will love it. Generally, it is still true, but in some aspects I have mixed feelings. It is a fantasy book. It passes in a place where every fading world goes to die. In this magical and ever-changing place, the only constant  is a man named Last.

Throughout the ages he helps as much as he can to this poor souls, giving hope against an impossibility but never finds the peace or the actual answer everybody asking of him. 

What is Driftwood?

It is a place in space that consists of several others. One street cold, one street is warm, one part belongs to that people's world, the other this people's. And in the centre, there is Crush. The eye of the death. Worlds slowly or fastly go into the Crush to, well, be crushed. 

29 September 2020

Review: ❀ The Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher ❀

I have known the name of Catherine Fisher for years, always took her books to my to-be-read piles but have never seemed to get to it. When I saw a chance in Netgalley, I jumped to it and I am so glad I did.

Her story telling and world building both surprised and satisfied me. When an author is around as much as the Fisher, some readers (meaning "I") expect some kinda quality and good thing, she does not disappoint.

Though The Clockwork Crow published first in 2018, I saw no spoilers, which is necessary for me to enjoy a book.

27 September 2020

5 Interesting Fantasy Books to be Published in October 2020

Hi everybody,

When I was going around on Goodreads as always, I came across with promising titles and I wanted to share them with you. They belong to different genres mostly (other than fantasy), ranging from historical to middle gradeyoung adult to science fiction. They captivated me with their possibilities and if you are looking for some interesting books, I suggest you to look at them as soon as possible. Who knows, right?